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Milk peda/ Paal peda

Sweets, Sweets!!! No one can stop with one. Easy pesy milk peda done within 10minutes of time. Get to know from a friend but I found that a little difficult and tried in an easier version introducing my own way. Finally the attempt was’nt a failure. Bingo! The pedas came out awesome and tasted heavenly.

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Golden Prawns

Golden Prawns is one starters where the taste sticksĀ in your tongue even though you finish the main course. That’s my daughters favourite too. Everytime when we buy prawns she makes me do this. This is an easy starter, the marination speaks a lot here. Let go to the recipe to find how its made! Ingredients

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Egg 65

Egg is a delicious and healthy start for a day. This recipe is learnt from my friend, she is super cook and won many cookery shows in local channels. Let me thank her for allowing me to write it here. Thank you Sathya?. Ingredients : Egg – 2 or 3(hard-boiled) Maida- two tbsp Chilly powder

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