Being a mother of two daughters Jessica and Johanna. This blog is a dedication to them for whom I took an interest in cooking and finding healthy and tasty recipes.

Am not a professional or versatile cook all I know about cooking after a year in my wedding life. After my daughters are born had a very good interest in creating my own recipes or adding fusion to the traditional ones.

There is nothing big than a husband who supports a wife’s work and interest. A very big thanks to my better half Jay who supported me in making this website.

Great chefs are not born but they are created through a journey of trials and errors. I am no different from them. All you need is passion and enjoy cooking.

My aim  in this blog is for an easy way of cooking for beginners that I have well tried, tested and loved the version of recipes.

Enjoy cooking and experimenting.
Browse my blog and find an easy way of cooking.